Sunday, 13 May 2012

Neidong Forest and a Happy Lady on a Train

As I've already posted about Wulai in the past, I'll keep this one short and let my photos do the talking for a change. Needless to say, I went back to Wulai and managed to make it to the Neidong Forest area this time!...

It's really beautiful there and the weather was kind enough to not rain while we were walking. The river was less intense than the first time I visited and I guess this allowed for a more intense emerald colour to the water in the river. The weather was also better as the rain held off but luckily there was still enough mist in the mountain air to remind us that we were in the mountains.

It was a really nice day and we made it to the end of the Neidong forest trail and saw all three tiers of the waterfall there. A few bellends with massive SLR cameras and tripods aside -I'm not bitter towards them because they have superior cameras to me but because they take up huge amounts of space on viewing platforms and spend an absolute age getting the perfect balance for their photos - it was a relaxing and decent walk away from the hustle and bustle of Nankan. I guess there were two personal highlights of the day: one was talking to two men selling pineapples who claimed to shoot and eat the local monkeys, despite this eccentricity, they really were friendly; and, making an old lady on the MRT really unhappy. The latter makes me sound cruel but let me enlighten you. Many, but obviously not all old people in Taiwan, as anywhere, like to have a grump, here however a certain element of pensioners have really mastered the "fuck off, I'm too old and pissed off to smile because nobody has the bollocks to challenge me" face, I really don't know how to describe the expression but it's the look I imagine someone would wear after having a pipe shoved down their throat and all sense of fun sucked out before having it vacuum packed in a sealed bag and permanently dangled out of reach in front of them, permanently in sight yet always out of reach.  Anyway this woman belonged to this small percentage of miserable oldies and when she got on the train you could almost see the cloud of disdain follow her in. Of course, she sat next to me and funnily enough I smelled really bad - due to 7 hours of hiking that I'd just done and not because I'd forgotten to shower for a few days. She proceeded to douse a handkerchief with some kind of perfume and hold it over her nose and mouth for the entire journey. I have to say that I rather enjoyed it because I helped her to find a reason to be discontented. In a sense, I was doing her a favour by stinking as she had found justification to be miserable!  =p ... unfortunately I don't think she saw it that way and left with an expression that only a slapped arse could match, a hardened expression similar to the kind of person who pees on their breakfast for no real reason except perhaps as an outlet for their inner rage.Oh yeah, and I also saw a snake which I think was a Chinese Tree Viper after a little post hike research ;) ... X

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