Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Daffodil

The Daffodil

Like a daffodil you budded early
yellow and bright
In spring your pollen did take flight
and there for all to see, radiant and elegant
you were taken from the garden

Moving into Summer, the garden misses your radiance
A certain emptiness is abound, that I do not doubt
However, in this drought we have come to learn
Coming of age is a beauty in itself

Like a daffodil it was hard not to appreciate you
you were the glue that sewn the garden together
This fabric will never be the same now that you've gone
But the spring of our lives will shine eternal thanks to you
Our daffodil, you will live in our hearts forever and a day
Seeds of wisdom that you've planted are here to stay

Now that May has gone and summer is upon us
We'll take your memory and with it stay strong
We're prepared for the Autumn, we'll embrace the Winter
We'll take the strength you had and keep it deep inside
Not sad that you're gone but proud that you lived
And in the end we'll appreciate everything that you passed on
The courage and wisdom that kept you strong

Like a daffodil you were bright
Like a daffodil you were strong and yellow
Like a daffodil you were vibrant
And like a daffodil in the summertime you were taken from us too early
You lived life to the fullest
But in this travesty that is a summer garden without a daffodil
We stay glad and humble for what we've had, while we've lost what might've been
We stay strong and true to what we have seen.

May peace be upon you and thank you for the memories...

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful really is quite perfect for such a force of nature like Roe.....