Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tuna's coming to town!

It's generally been a quiet week here. Nothing much has happened really. It's been raining a little bit here and there - it actually is right now - but when people start talking about the weather, it can only indicate to a lack of a real conversational topic. Luckily, my friend Alex - otherwise known as Tuna - is coming over from Malaysia tomorrow afternoon. I'm quite excited and it should be good fun.

There have been a few little subtleties here and there this week that have made me chuckle, but nothing really that has affected me. I'll share my favourite one. One of my colleagues teaches a high-level class that are around the age of nine or ten. The students usually turn up early and are in the classroom messing about for about ten minutes beforehand. We have a computer in every classroom and the students - as with any school - have found a way of hacking the teachers' password. So sometimes you walk into a lesson and they are on the internet or something. Anyway, my colleague walked in to find a nine year old boy watching porn on redtube (a free pornsite for the more innocent of you); a slight melee has ensued with parents of other children complaining, and the boss is having to deal with some angry mothers... What do they expect though? Admittedly he is a tad young, but we all do silly things to impress our mates when we are children.

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