Monday, 8 March 2010

Tuna, 'The kid who gets his willy out' and the adventures of EF Puri!

Alex, aka 'Tuna', visited this weekend and we got drunk. We went to Jalan Jaksa, a street of seedy boozers, and then to Mentang – which is a bit nicer. We consumed lots of Bintang and caught up with a lot of stuff – as I haven't seen him since 2008! Not much else to say really, we were really hungover yesterday and he's off to Sumatra for 3 weeks. I'm quite jealous... because Sumatra is awesome and Jakarta smells... Sumatra probably smells pretty bad too, but I don't work or live there! It's also really pretty and has orangutans...

Work today was a little random.We had a powercut until about 4pm. That was a pain in the arse. My schedule has changed again and I'm now teaching the naughtiest class in the school. I was warned by my colleague and my Director of Studies about one of the children in particular... sufficed to say, around EF Puri he is known as 'The kid that gets his willy out'... I actually found him okay to teach, he's possibly not my favourite person in the world, but he didn't strike me as the mentalist he's been described as. I found the disorganisation of the administration staff downstairs more of a hindrance and annoyance. They failed to let me know that my students hadn't received their coursebooks yet! So I planned an 80 minute lesson only to discover that my students wouldn't know what I was talking about for the first twenty-five minutes until their books arrived, so I just had them draw pictures of their schools until I could start teaching.

I'm also teaching a new business class as well. They are really nice and a lot more punctual than my previous class – so far! Although they haven't been given their books either... so that was annoying to discover, although to their credit they did let me know beforehand , at 7.25pm – the lesson starts at 7.30pm! They had known all day. Nevermind, I made some photocopies and got on with it. It was a tough day today as there was no power to use to make or use any extra electronic resources when we were planning our lessons.

Despite all the negativity here, I am actually  really enjoying the teaching here, it's just that Indonesia is generally a very disorganised place, and my workplace follows that trend. Which is quite frustrating. As generally I need to be organised, and the working style here often prevents that. I'm hopefully going to be receiving a city tour this weekend and seeing a bit more of Jakarta, as there is plenty that I am totally oblivious to. I also have a new colleague and flatmate arriving on Wednesday, so hopefully that will be interesting. I hope you don't mind me sitting around the house in my pants Candice, it's hot here and I kind of like doing that... She reads this I think, so I thought I'd big her up ;)... She has been in touch via facebook, I'm not some kind of internet stalker or anything! I promise... ;)

Good luck in Sumatra Tuna, I'll see you in 3 weeks!

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