Tuesday, 16 March 2010

City Tour

This week has been really cool. Everything has gone really well and I didn't even have a bad day. Teaching is getting more comfortable and I have yet another new business class. They are really nice and there is a girl in there that has constant giggling fits, and she makes me laugh a lot in class, which is a really nice thing. English First Puri hasn't done anything to annoy me this week... which is also nice. I split my trousers chasing 'the kid that gets his willy out' around the classroom – he wouldn't sit down when we were watching a video – but it was okay... I had to go home and change my trousers though, and I hadn't even messed my pants!

Friday was cool and was a little random. I had a few beers as one of my colleagues is leaving and flying back to the U.S. Soon. One of the guys cooked some stuff for us all and we had a crack. Alex and Michael (the guy who cooked) decided to dress up in Kate's dresses... that was when I took my absence. We have also had a new teacher arrive to replace Kate and she is really cool. I mentioned her in my last post, her name is Candice, she's sound. She's not living with us, so unfortunately I cannot subject her to my pants poses :(, nevermind...

Saturday was one of the best days I've had in Indonesia... I started work at 9am and was tired as I'd been working all week. The class are really eager to learn, seeing as it's a business class, and they also fed me. That's probably why I like them ;) We went to the local Japanese restaurant near work... I was really chuffed with that, not so much because they paid for it, but also because I managed to eat sushi, with chopsticks, and not spill any down myself! Yesss!... I also went on a city tour with my boss Luke, his girlfriend Yovita and Candice. We took a lot of photos; saw a lot of random stuff; sat in traffic, and ate out... again! ;) I like eating and I'm starting to get used to the food here.

Today was another cool day, I did nothing but drink beer by the pool and then chill out with the other teachers back at the house. I also spoke to my mum for a little while on Facebook and managed to get a text message to her to say happy Mother's Day...

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