Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Singapore photos and fat quotes...

Today was a bit of a mixed bag. I'm posting on a Tuesday because it feels right. I'll start with the quote of the week so far, this came from a mid-level 10 year old: "excuse me Mr., what does fuck mean?"... I wasn't quite sure what to say, I laughed and told him it was a bad word. I had a relatively good day... although I was tired because I'd been to a blues night the night before. I'm having a good time here and I can't believe I'm in my fifth week already!

It is starting to become apparent that my school is not so much interested in anything else as it is in making profit. The office boy Aldy, who works from 10am-9pm every day and weekends as well, has fallen ill. He makes next to nothing and sleeps with the other office boys in a room at our head-office... I think. This is purely what I think is the case. The poor dude has fallen ill with dengue fever. Now, I think it would cost a couple of months salary for him to pay his hospital fees, and the school won't even so much as front him the cash. This isn't much trouble for them surely as they are a citywide business consisting of about 6 schools – they charge high-fees and have plenty of demand for students – instead, the school has nobely asked the teachers to donate money towards Aldy's hospital costs. I don't really know how that makes me feel, but I know that I'm far from confident that my employers value their staff... maybe it's the age we live in, the age of the capitalist monster? Or, maybe it's the way of the third-world, those with money are looked after and the rest have to make-do?... Not the nicest of sentiments to perceive from an employer.

Anyway, that's enough socioeconomic insight for one post. To end the post on a lighter note I'll include my three favourite fat quotes so far, in descending numerical order: (3) "Oi fatty..." – Indra, aged 10; (2) "I think Mr. Lee is humorous because he's so fat." – Blessia aged 10; (1) "Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee... why are you always so fat?" - Audrey, aged 5. I'm starting to get a little paranoid ;) There are of course the rather innocent but tedious sumo comparisons and being compared to the Big Show (a big American wrestler); One of my favourite ideas one of the kids has had about my size – it's just a shame that it was in a class I was observing so I don't know the child's name – "Mister, can you wrestle my dad? He's really strong...

Here are a few shots from Singapore. They're pretty random...

Peace out... ;)

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  1. I agree that our employer doesn't bother about their employees as much as they are keen of making more (and even much more profits!!!). I can feel myself that I am always under pressure and they don't value my effort as it's worth.. They really2x STINK!!!