Monday, 8 February 2010

Teaching Week One...

So it's the start of my second week here in Jakarta, things have been very interesting. It's also been very good to know that England beat Wales in the Rugby, and even more fun when you live with a Taff ;)

My first week teaching had it's ups and downs. I covered for a couple of young classes and trying to keep 6 year olds entertained was an absolute challenge. They are interested in one particular activity for five minutes and then are almost instantly bored. Although they are generally quite clever and pick-up the language very quickly. I'm finding the young children the hardest classes for me to teach... I could probably do with studying the CELTYL! (That means re-qualifying to teach young learners!)

My second day entailed me being called into the office because I'd apparently made a 9 year old boy cry. This did wonders for my masculinity and made me feel really good about myself... or not! I was irritated and had to talk to the boy's mother and reason with her. I explained that her son was misbehaving and cheating during class and that I told him he was wrong... I was a little annoyed as I didn't shout at him and the reaction to my supposed overzealousness was somewhat ridiculous... although: “all's well that ends okay.” That was the highlight of the week – getting the two bob bits aside – the rest of the week went swimmingly.
This week has started well and I'm feeling good about myself because I've just taught my first business class and they were really cool. The day hadn't started so well however as I'd been teaching a group of 5 year-olds and they are really looney! An absolute nightmare to control! And I also have a beginners class who're really nice, but again very taxing on the eliciting and teaching front. So having an interesting time with varied experiences.

I've also seen Dave again, but he wasn't in my room. He's a bad ass though... And I killed some cockroaches! Yess...

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