Saturday, 20 February 2010

Singapore, Guinness and passports! (who can spell Guiness?!) ;)

So Thursday, I didn't sleep...

Friday I was picked up at 4am by the school driver Ilham. There were four of us making a trip to Singapore in order to get our work visas at the Indonesian embassy there. What I actually mean is that we went to Singapore, met a dodgy looking geezer, and then handed over our passports...

Singapore is a fantastic day out, we went to Little India and had a look around and mooched about Orchard Road which is a big shopping street, it has loads of shops etc. I really liked the city, it was nice and clean and not too congested, which as cynical as this may sound, was a welcoming contrast to Jakarta – if only for a day. Although Puri – where I live and work – is actually really pleasant, it's just kinda dull, but is cleaner than the rest of Jakarta. Life here appears to be a dichotomy between clean and quite or noisy, a bit stinky and vibrant. 

The rest of the Singapore trip involved four of us waiting in a McDonalds for some dodgy geezer to return our passports. He was about an hour late – I was cacking my pants – but he came good. I now have an Indonesian work visa until Feb 2011. That's a bonus, it's just a horrible feeling being in a country that you don't live in with no money and somebody else being in possession of your passport.

I arrived home at 11pm, having had no sleep the night before – I finish work at 9pm – so by this time, about my thirty-sixth hour with no sleep, I was tired. I slept about 9 and a half hours – which was much appreciated – and then started work at 9.30 this morning.

I'm feeling good though, I'm drinking some single-malt whisky that I got at Singapore airport – you can't get good booze in Jakarta at a reasonable price – and listening to Zakk Wylde... in my pants... I have tomorrow off. I'm a happy and relaxed soul... for now! I also have some photos, but I'll add them at a later date, because the internet here is ridiculously slow and I'm drunk, alongside the fact that it's a ballache to find the link to add photos on blogspot...

Selamat malam orang!

P.s. I either said good night people or called you all monkey raping bum nuggets... you decide ;) Oh yeah and I had a really good pint of Guiness, perhaps the best I've had, being deprived of western products makes the few you find seem orgasmic... and I'm not even joking ;) xxx

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