Monday, 15 February 2010

Amendment about last week!

Just a quick amendment to the post below – more of an addition actually – I probably forgot to mention the best thing that happened all week. Prior to me arriving at my first class on Thursday, a student of mine – who is a pain in the arse, and is aged 9 – decided it was a good idea to climb into a cupboard in the classroom. This cupboard contained a ladder, and this ladder led to the attic and the roof. Sufficed to say, he stepped on a spongey-type tile and fell through the ceiling! Or that's what I'm going with anyway... he at least put his foot through the ceiling and damaged the classroom... It's okay though he was fine... he just cried throughout the whole of my lesson disrupting it throughout... he was only concerned about being in trouble with his dad – nevermind the classroom that has practically been written off; or my lesson with ten other children that were waiting to be taught.

I would usually try to suggest that I'm concerned for his safety, but seeing as he is okay, and is a bit of a tit, I'll remain indifferent on the issue ;)

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