Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Arrival and settling in...

I arrived in Indonesia not really knowing what to expect. I arrived at around 1am and was greeted at the airport by my boss Luke and the school driver Ilham. After about a half an hour drive I was greeted by a couple of my new colleagues with a Bintang on my bed (the locally produced lager). I then stayed up until 8am with Justin and Kate and I can't really remember much to be honest! Although it was all good fun. Banyak Bintang!

I woke up the next day with a bit of a sore head at about 1.30pm and was pretty dehydrated due to the lack of water intake. I'd also forgotten to turn on the air-conditioning in my room which meant that I woke up sweating like a walrus I also have a pet gecko... well he lives in my room and eats insects so I'm pretty happy about that... that counts as a pet, doesn't it? Anyway his name is Dave and I'm going to post lots of photos of him because he's awesome!

It's been quite an experience so far, although nothing hectic has happened to me. The food here is really good and unbelievably cheap. On Sunday I went for a meal of Nasi Pedang for about 11,000 Rupiah (75p), it was pretty tasty. It included a choice of options and I ate a deep-fried flatfish with a home-made curry and rice. The food here is good but I can imagine it will get rather samey after a while, as most things seem to be served with rice. The lady at the street-café style thing seemed really impressed with the size of my arms, although I have no idea what she was really saying because it was in Indonesian... I don't really care though as she was super awesome and was serving iced tea in reused jam jars. Although I had the luxury of a glass with a reused straw... I only realised once I'd slurped two iced teas! Not the nicest feeling...

I'm not actually teaching this week so there isn't much pressure at the moment. My boss seems like a pretty laid back dude and is spending plenty of time with me and my fellow trainee Alex. The kids are really nice but are pretty mental, but it's all good as they are pretty eager to learn. I'm observing about two lessons a day at the moment. Watching my fellow teachers is pretty interesting, and the kids really seem intrigued by me (being an overweight 'bule' or white person). One small girl – when asked to use the adjective 'humorous' in a sentence – made the sentence: 'I think Mr. Lee is humorous because he is so fat!'. That is the best comment about my weight so far... I'm sure there'll be more to come!

I don't really know what else to add yet... The weather is pretty good and it hasn't rained too much. The area I live in is really nice as well. I'm living in quite a nice suburb of Jakarta called Puri which is primarily comprised of Chinese-Christians.

There will be plenty of photos to come. Tata for now!